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Tee Tap (each)

Paral./ Tee Tap Conn. (each)

Aluminum Tee Gutter Tap Connec (each)

V Bottom Collar; Conductor Size 8 Awg Stranded To 1/0 Awg Stranded; Conductor Material Copper; Electrolytic Copper; 1 Pad Hole(s); Pad Size 7/8 Inch L X 5/8 Inch W; Overall Length 1-7/8 Inch; Approval Ul, Csa; Slu Model; Standard Package 1 Per Bag

Penn Union Crimps

Corrosion Resistant High Strength Copper Alloy; Split Bolt Installation; Conductor Material Copper/copperweld; 350 Mcm Minimum Run Conductor Size; 5 Awg Stranded (copperweld), 750 Mcm (copper) Maximum Run Conductor Size; 8 Awg Solid Minimum Tap Conductor Size; 5 Awg Stranded (copperweld), 750 Mcm (copper) Maximum Tap Conductor Size; Approval Ul, Csa; S Model

Aluminum Crimp Lug 8 Str.

Penn-union Crimp Lug 2/0awg

Tee Tap 350-1/0 / 350-6 (each)

Conductor Material Copper/aluminum; (4) 10 Awg To 350 Mcm Conductor; Aluminum Alloy, Oxide Inhibitor; Size 2.12 Inch L X 4.03 Inch W X 2.51 Inch H; Nacc Model; Applicable Standard Ansi 119.4; With Clear Insulation

Paral. Tap Conn. (each)

Bronze Penn Tap 500-1000mcm (each)

Tin Plated Aluminum; Blue; 5 Kv; Length 1-3/4 Inch; Barrel Outer Diameter 19/64 Inch; 8 Awg Stranded (aluminum/copper) Conductor; Approval Csa; Penn-crimps[r] Brand; Bcua Model; Suitable 0 To 35 Kv When Tapped